Definition of Seasonal Unemployment

Seasonal Unemployment is the concept that employees have a job but not for the whole year. They will face unemployment at a certain time of the year when the demand is low. At a particular time of the year, the demand will increase and the employees will have the job again.

For example, employees of the Ski resort will get the job only in the winter, not in the summer.  The employees will be temporary

Problem with Seasonal Employment

  • The employee can earn less for the whole year as they only paid during employment time. They will not make anything during unemployment, but they have bill to pay.
  • Impact on the customers: The customers cannot access the product or service during the off-season.
  • Unattractive: The employees are looking for a secure job which can pay them for the whole year. The seasonal work will not attract employees and it will be hard for the business to recruit staff.

The Benefit of Seasonal Employment

  • Still a source of income: Even the seasonal job cannot provide work for the whole year, but it better than unemployment. It still the main source of income for many people.
  • Predictable: Seasonal unemployment is very predictable, everybody knows when they will have no job. So they have enough time to prepare for the off-season. They can work for other seasonal jobs which work at the opposite time of their main job. Moreover, they can find temporary work during their free time.
  • Improve technical skill: During seasonal unemployment, the staff can spend the time to learn the additional skills to improve their profession.
  • Good for temporary workers: Some people are not looking for a permanent job, they just need some quick income to support their living or fund their business. So such kinds of seasonal works are great for them.