Time Management

Time management is the process of planning, rearrange, and organizing time between each task. Time management allows people to allocate appropriate time to each activity. Good time management enables us to work smarter with less time. It is very hard to allocate time when there are many tasks that need to be completed. Without any proper time arrangement, we will spend more time but get fewer tasks complete. We will end up spend time on useless stuff and put more pressure on ourselves.

Everyone has the same 24 hours per day, but some people have completed many tasks while some people spend the whole day without anything done. Effective people will have a proper schedule to arrange a time and allocate to each task. They will have a good plan to achieve the work before the deadline. Without a deadline, we will keep delaying the work without doing anything. Being busy is different from being effective.

Benefit of time management

  • Increase productivity: Time management allows us to focus on each task at the time. We need to complete the work within the allocated time so our brain will try our best to complete it and use the time very effectively. Without time management we may not know what to do and do not have a specific goal.
  • Less stress: it feels very goods when we cross out the work complete from our to-do list. We will feel less pressure when completing each task. The more work completed, the less stress we get and it will boost our energy to do more work.
  • Save more time: with proper time management, we will be able to complete work on time in our deadline.
  • Improve efficiency overtime: Time management allows us to improve our efficiency from time to time. We will get a habit of completing the work within a reasonable time. When we do such kind of work, again and again, we will get more work done within the same time.